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“Original Friesenmusikanten”!

The “Original Friesenmusikanten” are a popular band consisting of seven musicians and one technician. Their members all come from East Friesland, located by the North Sea. They always create a cheerful atmosphere by singing ancient German country songs reminiscent of the best of times.

about us

Ever since our formation in 1997, we have always aimed for a cheerful and friendly atmosphere during our shows by making music reminiscent of the “good old days”. The great variety of our songs and the harmonic relationship between the band members as well as the successful balance of our instruments and the vocals often encourage the audience to sing and dance along to the music. We always perform live and thus create impressive and unforgettable moments for our audiences.
We rehearse once a week.

The “Friesenmusikanten” are:

Frerich: vocals, song selection, lyrics
Gerd: trumpet, vocals
Johann : vocals, financing
Manfred : accordion, vocals, presentation
Siebelt: bass guitar, vocals, tour schedule, chairman of the band
Hermann: drums
Uwe: technical equipment and mixing desk


Our repertoire contains about 150 songs, which we perform for several voices.
A trumpet, an accordion, a bass guitar and the drums accompany them.
Some of our songs date back as far as the 18th century. But we also perform evergreens and several modern party classics. Therefore, youngsters and seniors alike are drawn to the dance floor to experience a great time sharing old memories or enjoying modern songs.
We perform at all kinds of occasions, ranging from street parties, weddings, and music events to tea dances, anniversaries, harvest festivals, German-American Oktoberfeste and other community gatherings. We have released two albums during the past three years.


We are looking forward to seeing you on your next trip to Northern Germany!


"Original Friesenmusikanten" e.V.
Gornerstr. 6a
D-26607 Aurich

Handy: + 49 (0)1 60 / 58 100 58
Fax: + 49 (0) 49 47 50 91 05

E-Mail: info@friesenmusikanten.de



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